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Energy or Information? Behind the Veil of Maya made by Gurus and Masters.

In the modern Western world, we often talk about good vibes, bad vibes, good energy, bad energy, and the truth is that although no one can define exactly what we are saying, we can all understand. 

In the eternal battle between official and alternative sciences, this is one of the big differences they struggle about.

On one hand an extensive definition, precise and measurable of "energy" and on the other its pragmatic use in many fields of our life experience.

But if we step back from the battlefield, we can see that in the end we are all saying the same thing. 


To get rid of the illusion of scientists on one side and gurus and "masters" on the other, to what we do refere when we're talking of "Energy"? And above all, how we can use this "Energy" as part of a 360 * attitude of facing daily challenges and at the same time to be independent from beliefs and power struggles between different interests? 


This talk is open to anyone who knows (or thinks to know) what "Energy" is or just want to have neutral and reasonable information about a concept that can help us in our daily work as health operators or as persons living in a complex reality.



Psychology and Complementary Therapies: A bridge between Worlds

From the beginning the "logos" about "psuké" were conversations about the soul. The soul was the breath of life that moves bodies of clay. Whether it were gods or spirits who was giving these "breath" to the men, it didn't matter, what really was important is that it was somethingmagical and mysterious. 


With time things have entirely changed. As a reaction to centuries of battles and of corrupt and uncontrolled emotions inspiring an unjust society a new divinity was created: reason. Since then every kind of "magic" was forbidden, so the emotions were channeled, cleaned, glimpsed making them seem transparent and colorful crystals that rise above a murky pot of seething "unconscious" emotion. 

The white horse has to contrast the black horse to drive the chariot, that became the eternal opposition of modern psychology.


To overcome this duality, and the theory of emotions that we have created, we have to call in different perspectives from different worlds: thos that science have already controlled and those which are still waiting, full of potential but with little structure.


Inner Child: connection to the Source of creativity or bloody Tyrant?

In every corner, in every home, in every computer, there is something connected to the cultural phenomenon of modern psychology known as "inner child".


I have participated in workshops, meditations, talks of many "experts" and the truth is I've noticed a lot of misinformation and alteration of a clear concept in clinical psychology to create a new generation of "victims" whose self-pity is very fertile for psychologists, therapists, masters, gurus etc... that can take advantage of a misleaded idea. 

The inner child can be our best friend and our worst enemy, and that depends on how we came in contact with him / her and how we take action once we begin to know him/her. 


The very fact of awakening our awareness of his/her existence does not change that much our lives, and an adult who does not qualify his/her relationship with his/her inner child does not take advantage of their true potential and instead he/she may even become more fragile and vulnerable. 


As always this talk is intended for people who want a neutral and practica view and of how to understand and not only awaken your inner child for a healthy and positive relationship for both of you.



Regressive Therapy: Complementary or valid for itself?

Regressive therapy is a way of fixing the causes of a disfunctional behavioral pattern we have today, through a "journey" to change its traumic origins in the past. 

There are many different theories about how it works. Many interpretations of the worlds to be explored.

But in this specific way of doing it, that it is past lives, real memories, false memories, dreams or hallucinations, doesn't really matter. What matters is the emotional /symbolic value that this experience occurs in the client's mind, and its effectiveness is greater, the more the client just leaves himself experiencing the regression without trying to defend with interpretations. Interpretation is the wrong key that professional use to try to trap unconsciusness in the rational world. A mistake that produces addiction to the therapist as the "translator" of a continuous and potentially infinite stream of unconsciousness that drives our existences.
Regressive therapy doesn't just work with regressions (at least my way of doing it), becuse along with this therapy, every session uses traditional psychology techniques to rationalize (not interpretate), and reiki and other energetic techniques to create the regression and maintaining it stable. This way it is possible to create a therapy that works in three phases, analyzing the client problem 

a rational / conscious level and  at symbolic / subconscious level at once.


Core Shamanism: Leaving the feathers on the birds

2014 Humanity has reached many scientific frontiers, in technology and philosophies. But then there are shamanic traditions that nowadays is a source of inspiration for psychologists and psychotherapists who want to work at 360 degrees with their patients. 

They are all geeks who likes playing the drum or ugly and socially impaired losers that hide in bonfires and spiritual worlds to escape a world that doesn't accept them? 

I think sometimes this is the case. But then Transcultural Shamanism, or Core Shamanism comes in the game, and we can see a different view of shamanism due to the anthropological matrix of its foundations. 

The founder in fact is an anthropology professor at a university in San Francisco who has studied nearly 500 different shamanic cultures of the past but also the present in person and has removed all the "feathers" and healing herbs to create what? A very neat tool, without beliefs, religions, cultural influence that, by achieving a state of altered consciousness through rythm, allows a healing experience without interpretation. 


Core Shamanism is done for Shamanic Practitioners, not Shamans, such as ordinary people that realize that what they are going to experiment and produce in others is just an Experience that can help them in their life without furthermore spiritual/energetical  interpretations. Core Shamanism is an amazing way to heal emotional wounds and give help there, where rationalization doesn't go.


This talk is intended for ordinary people who want a neutral and practical view of this personal and conscious spirituality compatible with (because "free of") any cultural, religious or scientific belief.



Emotional Freedom: EFT in everyday life

How many times have you noticed aspects of your character or attitudes that have affected your social, emotional, family life and in general your relationship with yourself and others? There are emotions and feelings that for themselves seem "negative" for your personal relationships, but at the same time they say something about yourself and your limits. So rather than trying to change or "fix" them, why not try to use them as resources to improve yourself?


The counseling with EFT is a good way to take advantage of all your "emotional tools" to build a more conscious life of yourself and in harmony with the world we are part of. 


Learn how to change the dichotomous diagnostic system that defines attitudes and emotions as "good" or "bad" and how this can influence your life.


Modern Reiki: the evolution of energetic therapies

Aren't you tired of Master Usui that from his tomb (and through thousands of pure and less pure blood successors) teaches you to do something that you normally do every day without knowing it? Or on the other hand aren't you sick of a science that seems to reward only the most expensive, famous and useful for pharmaceutical industries and hunting witches in 2014? 


Balance is what we all seek. And yes it is possible to explain how Reiki works through biophotons, connections to the source etc... but also through psychology, antropology and other scientific angles.


Don't let a word, a simple name, a label make you a prey for falsely spiritual people and on the other hand don't let falsely spritual people take you away from an experience and a therapeutic asset that with its simplicity and intuitive system can bring something positive to your life without having to believe in anything. 

Leave official and alternative science to their wars to separate people, and enter the group of those ordinary people that just want to think about things, open mindes, leaving beliefs aside.