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Core Shamanism

"Spiritual awareness means connecting with your inner self

without asking for others to tell you what to believe"


When we're a child, we pass through an animistic phase of our life were we think everything has a soul, and we create the universe. In Psychology that is calles Magical Thought. Then our rationality, and society, take us apart from this magical idea of life and our spiritual drive is channelled by a religion or a more socially accepted belief, while we experience our limits as human being.

So how we can get back this deep state of pure expression of our full and limitless potentiality of our childhood without losing grip on reality?

Core shamanism is not a religion o a belief, it's a symbolical/spiritual therapeutic practice, anthropologically and psychologically studied to create a bridge between your mind and your subconsciousness.

We talk about an aware spirituality, a no-interpretation experience based therapeutic technique, where the client can get in touch with himself without leaving aside his religion, personal philosophy, or scientific view of life and universe. 


Good for: Mood disorders, depression, grief, phobias, stress, self-esteem issues, personal empowerment.

Special Features

Totemic Animal

Avatar of your subconscious or spiritual guardian, the tradition of the totemic animal provides self-empowerment and guidance when facing Life Challanges.


Shamanic Meditations

Shamanic Meditation is a cycle of three different group or individual meditation to help you connect with your inner serf and build your path to your self-awareness. Drum and maracas will join your thougths as guide to support your experience.


The shaman is the medicine man, the guide for healing emotionally and physically through natural medicine, meditations, rituals and spiritual guidance. Always culture and religion free.


Shamanic Pack

- BIO interview, therapy explications, therapist-client contract (1 h)

- Physical Therapy: “Learn how to breathe” (1 h)

- Totemic Animal Ritual (1h)

- Tuba Drum Ritual + Shamanic Meditation: Connect with the roots of your heart (1)

- Tuba Drum Ritual + Shamanic Meditation: Find the voice of your soul (1)

- Shamanic Healing

- Soul Retrieval Ritual (1 h)

Holistic Psychology Pack

- BIO interview, therapy explications, therapist-client contract (1 h)

Counseling: Finding the problem (1 h)

- Physical Therapy: “Learn how to breathe” and Holistic Massage Therapy (2-3 h)

- Energetic Therapies: 1 or 2 Energetic Therapies sessions (1-2 h)

- Energetic Psychology: 1 or 2 Energetic Psychology sessions (1-2 h)

- Counseling: Conclusions, rationalization of the solutions and practical plan to maintain the results (1-2 h)

- "Follow up" after a month (1 h)

A therapy pack is a fully customizable 3-10 session pack of different therapies to get to your goal in the more efficient way.
Every therapy pack receives a 20% descount. You pay the Therapy Pack the first day and book 3-4 session por time, or the full Pack at once.