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The Featherless Shaman Path


Sometimes the direct and much straightway isn't the right one to create the Change your Client is looking for.

My Featherless Shamanism touches that spot you can't reach with normal therapies, changing the way therapy itself is perceived.   We're talking about a culture and religion free therapeutic practice where its nature is the experience itself without interpretation.

It's not just a way to find a new, personal spiritual way of seeing things without believing in god(s), spirits, and dogmas, but also the perfect path to reach your deeper self through the rhythm of the drum.

Several rituals have been anthropologically translated to our modern culture to help to guide the client to find his/her spiritual truths, his inner power, or his healing capabilities without  judging or trying to give an explanation in a psychologically, spiritual, or physical way,

I think Shamanism is a great complementary treatment that makes a psychological session much complete and a coaching session an entirely different experience.