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Sport Meditation Training

Duration: 1 day (4 hours group work + 1 hour individual work)

Format: Individual and group. 



Bring comfortable clothes and socks, yoga mat, pillow and a blanket.

Every time we think about meditation and visualization, we use to think about peace, calmness, detachment and stillness or slowness. This is just the surface of what meditation can bring to our lives. 

New ways of seeing it, make it coincide with full awareness of the present or mindfulness. Thank to this technique it's possible to change the way internal and external "noises" interfere to make us get connected with the world and experiment the sensation of flow.


This workshop intend to teach mindfullnes with different ways of meditation,  visualization and energy channelling to be used before, during, and after a physical training. The goal is to improve performance through a better control con our bodies, minds and energy. 

Instructions will be given to create a customized training system that improves and optimizes warm-up, the sport activity itself, and recovery.

At the same time this techniques decrease probability of sport accidents and joint deterioration from high level training practice, as much as they improve recovery ability during and after the training.

This training system is compatible with any sport activity and training. It's a different way to perceive sport and it's part in our lives. 


The workshop include an hour of individual work to create a customized sport meditation table. 


A lot of space will be give to practicing and group work. 


No requirement needed to attend the workshop.

In the end you will receive the powerpoint presentation and the certificate of attendence.