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Revitalizing Massage

Revitalizing Massage

Every time you work with people as an health and wellness operator, both your physical and energetic body get in contact with your client's energy. That's why you should periodically clean up energetic and fatigue residuals to preserve your own health.

Time: 90 minutes


674763275 (whatsapp too)

Cost: 160 euros.

Health Operators 110 euros (30% discount).

If you work with people, especially with physical treatments, you get in contact with your client's body, but also with his/her energetic field. That means that as you clean your hands after a treatment, you should do the same discharging the fatigue from your body (especially in the lower back, shoulders, forearm and hands), and cleaning your energetic body.


Revitalizing Ritual for Masseurs is a special massage aimed to clean both your physical and energetic body to discharge stress, revitalize the body and at the same time balancing and cleaning your energetic body with reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, and more.


This special massage has been especially created for you that works with people wellness because sometimes it's easy to forget your own. 

So find a moment every 15-30 days to think about your own health and recover from your hard work!