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Reiki Usui Training

Duration: 1 or 2 days por level

Formato: Individual or group. 



Level 1: The awakening

Level 2: Flowing

Level 3: Living Reiki


Reiki is a word used to describe different ways of balancing physical and energetical body through mental discipline, meditacion and habit to perceive Energy.

Don't believe who say that it's just a simple tool to change your life, a mystical experience or a magic wand with lights and miracles. That's marketing.  

We use to channel Reiki every time our intention is consistent with our wishes. We flow in Reiki, when we're aware of ourselves as individuals and transpersonal beings. Reiki is an energetic healing method and filosophy, it doesn't have anything supernatural or mysterious (although, ironically, japanese name meaning is "mysterious energy").


The training has 3 levels including master level, and has the intent to explain it in a holistic way, giving space to both official and alternative science. It's goal, to facilitate a personal awakening and a personal connection with reiki theories. 


To work with energy just the first level is required. The other two are for who wants to increase his ability in reiki channeling and to become a Reiki Master to teach it.


Every level begins with the attunement, wich is a guided meditation where the connection with the interpersonal reality and universe energy is opened, and the meaning of the symbols of the related level is disclosed.


No requirement needed to begin the training.

In the end you will receive the powerpoint presentation and the certificate of attendence.

Level 1 

 The awakening 



- What is reiki?

- Reiki history

- What is Energy?

- The 7 holistic pillars

- Intuition and the veil of Maya

- 5 Reiki principles

- 1st level techniques

- 1st level symbol

- Practice

- 1st level attunement

Level 2 

 Flowing in Reiki 

(Technical Reiki)


- What is Energy?*

- The 7 holistic pillars*

- Intuition and the veil of Maya*

- 2nd level techniques

- Group reiki

- Distant reiki

- 2nd level symbol

- Practice

- 2nd level attunement

Level 3 

 Living Reiki 

(Master Reiki)


- What is Energy?*

- The 7 holistic pillars*

- Intuition and the veil of Maya*

- 3rd level techniques

- Energetic surgery

- Attunement initiation for the future reiki master

- 3rd level symbol

- Practice

- 3rd level attunement

-Master Attunement

*These sections are short versions of Level 1 sections for people who have done level 1 in a different school.