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Regressive Therapy

"Our past is illusory and our memories are not the way we think we are,

but changing the emotional charge of our bad memories give us a new chance in the present"


Regressive Therapy is an energetic/psychological/symbolical treatment that focus on the emotional world to treat physical/psychological traumas and abuses in a relaxed state.

There are 3 phases. First phase is to heal the inner child, the second the guilt perception and karma, while the third is to plan a new future changing our behavioral pattern.

Every session lasts between one hour and half, and three hours. It begins with a small introduction and a feedback from last session, than a relaxing visualization and Reiki to clean and balance mental and energetic state. At that point using regression, projective test and simulations the treatment works symbolically on memories, past life experiences, dreams or whatever will represent the trauma the client wants to change. Changing emotional charge of this mental events creating new awareness of yourself will change behavioral pattern that in the present are creating problems.


Good for: Emotional or physical abuses or traumas. Emotional memories and past life therapy.

Mood disorders, depression, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress, PTSD, eating disorder, couple and family issues, separation, divorce etc...

Special Features

First Phase: Inner Child

Our source of spontaneity, creativity and honest thinking. The inner child is the most empathic part of our mind, the one who connect us to our childhood, and the one who firstly get hurt by a trauma or an abuse. 

Second Phase:  the guilt or karma

Our worst enemy in the western world is the guilt. With religion and society bending our way of seeing cause-effect relationship with moral laws, we see "guilt" connected with moral shame instead of "shared responsability". Changing guilt with responsability will give us forgiveness, not in a moral way, but from a more aware point of view that makes us an active part in healing ourselves.

Third Phase: Planning the future

From past to future, passing through present. Changing our behevioral pattern through the solution of our traumas we're now free to plan a new future. 

But to that we have to practice. Through a relaxation state we'll create simulations of your future self facing the challanges with the new personal skills you've awakened with the therapy.


Regressive Therapy

- BIO interview, therapy explications, therapist-client contract (1 h)

Physical Therapy: "Learn how to breath" (1 h)


Regressive Therapy Phase 1: Reiki, regression to heal the Inner Child, Counseling  (3-4 sessions de 2-3 h*)

Regressive Therapy Phase 2: Reiki, regression to heal culpability and karma, Counseling  (3-4 sessions de 2-3 h*)

Regressive Therapy Phase 3: Reiki, regression to build a new future, Counseling (3-4 sessions de 2-3 h*)


*Every session is between 2-3 hours long. Fractions of the third hour will be just 30% of normal fee. 

A therapy pack is a fully customizable 3-10 session pack of different therapies to get to your goal in the more efficient way.
Every therapy pack receives a 20% descount. You pay the Therapy Pack the first day and book 3-4 session por time, or the full Pack at once.