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Holistic Therapies

"The more ways you see a thing,

the more chance you have of understanding it"


Energetic Therapies are ways to balance our “energetical body”. Our physical and mental world are a neverending flux of information interacting with the outside world. This kind of interaction is called “energetical body”. The focus of these therapies is on the symbolical/emotional level increasing the effectiveness of other therapies, and at the same time providing a good alternative to emotional issues treatments.

Every physical or psychological disorder has an emotional cause or effect. Using different techniques as Reiki, Crystal Balance, healing meditations and such it is possible to treat a trauma at an energetical/emotional/symbolical.

A t the same time these therapies increases the wellness level of the client, and that's why some of them are used in hospitals along with medical treatments.


Good for: Balancing energetical body and increasing wellness level. Mood disorders, depression, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress, PTSD, couple and family issues, separation, divorce etc...

Special Features


Reiki is a word used to describe different ways of balancing physical and energetical body through mental discipline, meditation and relaxation. It's the basis of every real energetical therapy. Sometimes it can be integrated with crystal balance.

Group Activities and Meditations

Sometimes being with others working on the same objective helps you with focus and motivation to overcome your problems and find new Life Challanges.

Reiki, inner child, shamanic and healing meditations and group activities can integrate a therapeutic treatment and help you open your mind and experiment connection with your inner and outer world.

Natural Medicine

Phytotherapy, aromatherapy, cromotherapy. In nature you have a powerful therapeutic ally and the best part is that you live in it. Knowledge of natural remedies is what helped humanity survive through ages and now it is a worthy complementary therapy.



- BIO interview, therapy explications, therapist-client contract (1 h)

Physical Therapy: "Learn how to breath" (1 h)

Energetic Therapies (2-4 h)

Holistic Psychology Pack

- BIO interview, therapy explications, therapist-client contract (1 h)

Counseling: Finding the problem (1 h)

- Physical Therapy: “Learn how to breathe” and Holistic Massage Therapy (2-3 h)

- Energetic Therapies: 1 or 2 Energetic Therapies sessions (1-2 h)

- Energetic Psychology: 1 or 2 Energetic Psychology sessions (1-2 h)

- Counseling: Conclusions, rationalization of the solutions and practical plan to maintain the results (1-2 h)

- "Follow up" after a month (1 h)

A therapy pack is a fully customizable 3-10 session pack of different therapies to get to your goal in the more efficient way.
Every therapy pack receives a 20% descount. You pay the Therapy Pack the first day and book 3-4 session por time, or the full Pack at once.