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Cromotherapy Workshop

Duration: 2 days (8 hours)

Format: Individual or group. 



Bring confortable clothes and socks, coloured scarfs, colored markers or pencils.



Cromotherapy workshop is intended for psychologists, holistic therapists, health workers, and whoever wants to use this much available source os therapeutic power which is light to improve their life or work quality. 

Cromotherapy is used to complete and improve psychological, physical and energetic therapies, such as psychotherapy, massage therapy or reiki healing, and to make the therapeutic setting taking an active part on the process.


At a same time they're totally useful techniques to balance your mood, or energetiic state in the moments of need.



The workshop will explain the nature of light at physical, chemical and quantistic level. Then it will explain it's psychological, symbolical and energetic effects, by creating a customized set of rules depending on the need of people coming to class, both professionally and personally, focusing on specific therapeutic application cases.  



A lot of space will be give to practicing and group work. 



No requirement needed to attend the workshop.

In the end you will receive the powerpoint presentation and the certificate of attendence.