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I'm a Clinical Psychologist, Holistic Therapist, and Chiropratic Masseur.

I studied, I experienced, I travelled to create my own way of seeing psychology, wellness and spirituality.

Life is an adventure where Change is the path and the goal.

Therapy is a way to prepare and calibrate your backpack as you live and walk your own way.

Education and Training

- Psychology Degree in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience

- Energy Psichology Master

​- Transcultural Shamanism

- Reiki Usui Master

- Reiki Unificado Master

- Regressive Therapy Training

- Chromotherapy Training

- Crystal Balance Training

- Chiropractic Massage Therapy and funcional bandage 

- HR Consultant Master

Psychologist and Life Coach
Psychologist and Life Coach

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My Way
My Way

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"Energy" the forbidden word
"Energy" the forbidden word

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Psychologist and Life Coach
Psychologist and Life Coach

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"A bridge between Tradicional Psychology and Holistic Therapies"


Change, is the beginning of the evolution cycle. This involves destructuration of the actual state.

That's why step two is to Heal and recover before building a new path.

In the end Evolution is a new balanced state.

Available Therapy and Formation in:

My Vision
Life is an adventure.
It's fun, happiness, satisfaction and joy, and if we have to fight, it's for growing and exploring new alternatives.
Crisis makes us think we just have to survive, but things can be different. And when you look for that Change, I come in.
As a coach for adventurers, therapy and formation is a way to prepare your backpack to face challenges and follow opportunities we come across in life. 
Csélion – Change, Heal, Evolve is the motto, the explanation of the Vision I have of my work in Health and Wellness as much as in HR Consulting. Then it's my wide formation and work experience, my empathy, my open mind and the importance I give to feedback that makes me create top quality projects, always tailor made.
I will always be working between worlds: moving from place to place creating short but highly effective projects to help people and companies to channel the Change they need in their lives .