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CHolistic Health and Wellness Week

CHolistic Health and Wellness Week

Every day a different promotion. Or an amazing 7 days pack to give "holistic" it's full extension!

When: First week of every month. 7 days, 7 especial promotions! 

Where: AyurVida Ibiza -

Avenida de España 96, 1ºB (Ibiza)

How: Simply book the chosen therapy the day of the promotion to get the discount, or buy the 7 day pack!

Why: Because we don't have much time, but we want to do things the best way. Holistic.


674763275 (whatsapp too)

Cost: Every day a special therapy for that day of the week at 40% discount, or a full week special wellness and health pack at 50%. Click on the flyer above for more information.

Monday: "Power up your week!" with a special reiki guided meditation where your chackras will find balance and your mind will be led to a state of peace and efficiency to begin your week with full power! 

First week every month is: Csélion Holistic Health and Wellness Week. It is a special daily promotion (40% discount) valid all year long, or a 7 days therapy pack (50% discount) for those who really want to feel good and stay healthy, but don't have much time. That's why almost every therapy is the 30' version, that can perfectly fit the most tight schedule. 

Every day of the week as a meaning in our mind, depending on how we perceive the entire week of work, that's why every day has a special goal, to make you feel always at the top!


Tuesday: "Find your guide" through a modern anthropologically adapted shamanic ritual to find your totemic animal, your spiritual advisor inside you or a subconscious avatar, and a  guided meditation to get in contact with him/her. No judgment or interpretation, just experience!

Wednsday: "Stretch and recharge". It's the third day of job, you have to keep going maintaining your optimal state  That's why a special full body energetic massage with guided stretching will help you recover your first days of fatigue, and maintain your flexibility.

Thursday: "Be your feedback!". You're half way yet! Godd job till now! It's the perfect day to see what you've done and you're still in time to change course without problem. PNL, Emotional Kynesiology and Counseling will help you to discharge emotional stress, adjust your course and increase your insight

Friday: "Cool down baby"You've been roaring your place in life all week long right now, and start to feel overheated. It's time to prepare your recovery cycle with a relaxing massage and the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda oils, prepared through tradicional processes.

Saturday: "Check your fever". Yeah, saturday night is the mystical night where, dancing or not, you're gooing to stress out, have fun and give your mind the time to process all week. Crystal balance is a guided meditation with crystals and reiki, tuning your energetic body and bringing peace to your mind

Sunday: "Diamond day". It will last forever and it is born from a huge pression during the week. Holistic Massage is a special massage treatment with counseling, cromotherapy, crystals, reiki, and foot reflexology. With amazing coloured reflections you will be completely recoverd to begin a new cycle!