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Clinical Psychology

"Your mind is the amazing source of your universe.

It doesn't matter if it's reality or illusion: change your mind, change the universe."


My work as traditional psychologist is molded around the Client Centered Counseling from Karl Rogers and systemic-relational theories from the Mara Selvini School completed with cognitive theories, gestalt, narration theories, PNL, and others that I see have a great impact on my work.

Counseling helps the client finding his own truth, growing his insight skills and leaving the psychologist on a secondary plan.

I believe in well-defined objectives, and short therapies, tailor made around the client needs.


Good for: Mood disorders, depression, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress, PTSD, couple and family issues, separation, divorce, school and work orientation, decision making and problem solving.

Special Features

Role Play Therapy

Sharpen your self-awareness through your “character sheet”, like you were a player on the great board of life, and create a new and more efficient problem solving profile with simulations and role play of the your life challanges. 

Family Mediation:

Family therapy gives an external and independent perspective to recalibrate emotional forces and communication in the family. Direct observation, individual and group therapy will help to solve conflicts and create a newly balanced system.

Holistic Psychology:

Diamond holistic therapy in my therapeutic set, starting from the psychological world, is Holistic Psychology. It's a 360° Therapeutic Pack using psychological, energetic and physical therapies. to work on all different layers of a problem or Life Challenge


PSY Pack

- BIO interview, therapy explications, therapist-client contract (1 h)

- Physical Therapy: “Learn how to breathe” (1 h)

- Counseling: 3 - 5 - 10 sessions

- "Follow up" after a month (1 h)

Holistic Psychology Pack

- BIO interview, therapy explications, therapist-client contract (1 h)

Counseling: Finding the problem (1 h)

- Physical Therapy: “Learn how to breathe” and Holistic Massage Therapy (2-3 h)

- Energetic Therapies: 1 or 2 Energetic Therapies sessions (1-2 h)

- Energetic Psychology: 1 or 2 Energetic Psychology sessions (1-2 h)

- Counseling: Conclusions, rationalization of the solutions and practical plan to maintain the results (1-2 h)

- "Follow up" after a month (1 h)

A therapy pack is a fully customizable 3-10 session pack of different therapies to get to your goal in the more efficient way.
Every therapy pack receives a 20% descount. You pay the Therapy Pack the first day and book 3-4 session por time, or the full Pack at once.