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Primera Casa de Ayurveda en las islas

Avenida de España 96, 1ºB


Movil: +34 609 071 575

Mas allá del viaje...

The philosophy behind our travels is to show you the essence of these islands, which are magical for themselves, and to facilitate  travellers to feel that "something" that has always touched those who really want to know them and not just visit them. We'd like for you that when you come to visit the islands with one of our tours, you may return home with good feelings and memories of being in a mythical and unique place. You will be looking at the distant horizons wondering when you're going back to these wonderful places, keeping in your mind the enthusiasm of discovery, the strenght of the nature, the happyness of disconnecting with everyday life, and experimenting the joy filling ancient travelers when they were reaching these paradisiac shores, discovering it again today, in the XXI century.

From Kerala , India, we started creating AyurVida Ibiza, we're here in the island to offer a new therapy center for natural treatments, Ayurveda-oriented, and other holistic therapies.


Ayurveda is not merely a science of caring for our health, but a complete approach to the art of living, which helps us to become aware and to balance our body and mind. It offers a rich and comprehensive view of life and health that covers all areas of human existence, from the most abstract and transcendental to it's most concrete expression.


Ayurveda is a science that comes across lineages, from father to son, going back to 5,000 years It is a knowledge that has passed all the tests of time.


Ayurveda is not only a medicine, but an art of living looking for a balance between yourself and nature. The tools this ancient science has to offer to help us find our balance are substances that nature offers us like herbs, oils, and the right diet; everything is collected and processed with care and following tradition.


Massage therapy is a key element in Ayurvedic treatments, because it is the way that the active ingredients of these natural substances adequately penetrate the tissues or "dhatus". That is what allow the transport of nutrition and physical or mental toxins, "ama" through the channels that facilitate later disposal.




Rejuvenating and desintoxicating​ 

To prepare every therapy, or Panchakarma, we first contact the indian doctor of our center. We're in contact with many ayurvedic doctors en Kerala (India) like Dr. Shiyas Hussain Sheriff, and   Dr. Sangye Dolma from Tibet.


Natural Physiotherapy

We opened a new Physioterapic and Natural Therapies center, where we work integrating different therapies, like Shockwave Therapy, Ayurveda and prevention psychology 


Chiropractic Massage

Chiropractic, Relaxing, Energetic, Bodywork and Holistic Massage therapies are provided.


Teorethical-Practical Course

Theoretical and practical Ayurvedic and Massage Treatment training is provided, dedicated to understanding and assimilating this ancient art coming from the southern part of India, Kerala. The results of Ayurveda medicine are known from thousands of years and the techniques have changed just a little to be more effective and harmonious with nature